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Light Up The Voodoo

Angels WIN

Panther of the Game:
Ervin Santana

On a night when we were revisited by so many old Angels, we were reminded of the benefits Bill Stoneman's logic brings to the club:

A double past Troy Glaus' lack of D produces a Juan Rivera Double

Runners run at will on Bengie Molina

Troy Glaus leaves the game with an owie

Bengie Molina allows a Passed Ball and a run scores from Third

Scott Schoenweis gives up consecutive run-scoring hits to the lefty he was sent in to face and a switch hitter who bats weaker from the right side

The Angel who was not there at all, David Eckstein, is a distant Stoneman-forged memory with the presence of the amazing glove of Orlando Cabrera, not to mention his clutch bat.

ALSO: Erick Aybar made his big league debut, pinch running for Tim Salmon in the bottom of the 8th. It was Census Day in Canada according to my dayrunner, all the better to beat Toronto on a national, math-based holiday.

Great game all around, and a big thanks to Jorge Posada for devastaing Texas with a 2-run Walkoffer and Felix Hernandez, for being a pile of steaming hype and dragging Seattle back into the A.L. West gutter.