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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 49/162

Game Thread - Orioles at Angels - Bedard v. Weaver - 7:05 pm

I guess everyone wants to be at the game tonight to see the historical debut of Jered Weaver.

Jered, can you take a step closer so we get a good look at you...

Thanks, kid... If you like what you saw, visit Jered at his MySpace Page.

Intentionally Altered Movie Lyrics:
Count Dracula: I am Dracula and I welcome you to my house. I must apologize for not being here to greet you personally, but I trust you'll enjoy Jered Weaver taking my spot in the rotation.

Kendry Morales got his first home hit as an Angel last night. Not licensed to drive yet, he was reportedly chauffered to the stadium by Salt Lake teammate Mike Napoli.

Beat My Runas and Hits Picks: LAA: 4, 9 ... BAL 2, 7