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Win at Home

Angels WIN

Panther of the Game:
Vladimir Guerrero

It was a busy night in pantherville, what with D-Mac hitting a 2-run bomb and playing steady D, Shields coming in with two on and nobody out in a tie game and not allowing anyone to score, Ervin pitching brilliantly and Kendry showing some Damn Goood D

But the Panther of the Game award goes to Vladdie, who broke the game open by hitting an inside the park homerun - most likely his first as an Angel. Considering we are in last place and off to the worst Angel start since 1988, the stadium was festive and the Big Bang fireworks were great.

Trivia Time:
Name the Angel whose last hit as a professional baseball player was an inside the park homerun at then-Anaheim Stadium. (crap I recalled this event totally wrong as a poster below spells out)

Bill Buckner. He was on the Angels for like three weeks max in the late 80s. He doinked one down the Right Field line and Claudell Washington dove for it and landed in the stands while the ball rolled slowly toward the wall. Claudell was out, the CF was nowhere in sight and Buckner practically waltzed home. He didn't get another hit for a week, they cut him and he retired.