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Week Ahead

We got three games with Minnesota ahead. Liriano pitches Wednesday for the Twins, that seems to be the toughest one - although you could say Jeff Weaver pitching for us on Tuesday is the mulligan we throw them.

We have Thursday off and hit Cleveland for the weekend. Lackey v. Sabathia next Sunday seems to be the exciting matchup. We miss facing Paul Byrd in the rotation, by the way.

Meanwhile Minnesota goes up to Oakland after visiting here. They play four against the A's and that means Johann Santana will be striking lots of them out. Oakland will probably be well-rested as they have three with Kansas City in the McAfee Virus-protected Coliseum.

Texas and Seattle play three games, so hey, Go Mariners! Afterwards, the Rangers have to play the dreaded White Sox, so go A.J. and Guchi-Guchi and who is the other guy, the fat pasty dude who doesn't shave? Well, go Big Stubble Dude! Beat the Rangers on your way to being has-beens.

The Mariners play a few games with someone after they face Texas. I didn't bother to look because they're the Mariners. Yawn. G'night!