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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 52/162

Game Thread - Twins at Angels - Baker v. Weaver Sr. - 7:05 pm

Hey, just for kicks let's call Jeff "Bengie" Weaver and Jered "Jose" Weaver. Okay, maybe not.

Intentionally Altered Movie Lines:
Jeff Weaver: What is this, Wonka, some sort of funhouse?
Willy Wonka: Why? Having fun?

Jeff Weaver cites his homer to Wilkerson in Texas as the turning point of the season and I must concur, as he pirouetted like Nuryev upon releasing that tomato of a pitch. Now it is up to him to perform The Nutcracker for the remainder of the season.

Beat My Runs/Hits Picks: LAA: 7, 15 ... MIN 5, 11