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Keeping it Lit

Angels WIN

Panther of the Game:
Orlando Cabrera

Big Brother Weaver did what he was supposed to do - 7 innings, 3 runs, quick work helped by the top of our order producing with the sticks.

Figgy scored 2, Cabby drove in 2, G.A. did as well. Johnny Rivers woke his bat up and blasted a fat pitch for a 2 run homer to buy an insurance policy that made Donnelly's fumbling through the 8th less stressful. Frankie didn't even bother making it interesting and got the Save.

With The She Wolffs losing in extra innings to the Royals in front of the faithful at McAfee Stadium, we are tied for 2nd place in the division, 5 games behind Smoke-and-Mirrors-and-Easy-Schedule Texas.