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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 29/162

Game Thread - Angels at Tigers - 10 a.m.
Kevin Gregg vs. Justin Verlander

Let's hope Jose Molina (or Mike Napoli filling in for the demoted Jeff Mathis) can catch the sinkerball pitches of the Kid from Corvalis, Oregon (drink everytime pathetic Steve Physioc says CORVALIS in fake entusiasm). Oh and then there is the hopes about our offense, but why wish for things that will just take care of themselves...

Scouting Report
NO Angel batters have faced Verlander
According, at least, to Yahoo Sports, oops, I mean "My Inside Sources"

To add insult to injury, Scott Spiezio hit his third homerun of the season last night for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Random iTunes Lyrics
Don't follow leaders
Watch the parking meters

Runs and Hits Picks
LAA - 3, 7
DET - 2, 6