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Looking back on a miserable week...

Now that the losing streak is over, looking back on it, we were in every game, had the tying run on deck at worst in most of the contests, and seemed, each time, to be just a hit away from taking control. There is nobody missing who we are waiting to come back to get that hit (apologies to Juan Rivera). So either someone will step up and be the one who gets that hit or we are the third place team for the rest of the season.

They let it out that Casey Kotchman had Mono, but he then hits the ball with power over the fence for the first time this season. Did it magically disappear? Will it be blame-forget-blame to correspond with how he does each game?

It appears Howie Kendrick is on the ascendancy, especially if he can play 1st or 3rd base. It also seems that Darin Erstad is going to slowly fade into the sunset. Not that Tommy Murphy is putting him out of a job... no, it is just that Darin's ankle is doing the tough task of benching him that nobody was prepared to do.

The Angels are finding out what works and are quite prepared to accept what does and jettison what does not. That Stoneman is traveling with the team and likely pow-wowing with Scioscia over the next few days indicates that they are most definitely not thinking of chucking away the season. That the youth played a big part in one game was nice, but it does not influence a major decision. If they pitch in for a week, though, turning things around in the process, that may be a different story...