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It Could Be Worse...

We could be stuck with 2 more seasons of Esteban Loaiza after this one...

As noted on our sister blog, Athletics Nation, by a fan posting about their team:

Imagine the $12 million and a 1st round pick that was spent on Payton, Thomas and Loaiza being allocated elsewhere. Beane should just avoid the free agent market and keep giving youngsters a chance.

Sounds different/familiar all at once.

In other A's news, Jason Kendall appealed his suspension and was in the lineup tonight. Many posters at A.N. wanted him to begin serving the suspension immediately, feeling that the team could beat the lowly Devil Rays without $11+ million-per-season Kendall. With him in the lineup they lost to Joe Maddon's Tampa Bay Club tonight 3-1.

Rex Hudler pointed out, flatly and dispassionately, that the Angels are simply not a championship caliber club at the moment. Hud is right, but the good news is that nobody in the A.L. West is, either.

This is the stretch where the team feels out alternate possibilities. Let's call them growing pains.

Juan Rivera is coming back soon. This will see Figgy back at 3rd base at the very least, pushing Edgardo Alfinley out of the lineup. that is a start ont he path back to respectability. It is a short path considering the competition. Let's Go, Angels!