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In Appreciation of Tim Salmon

I just realized that Tim Salmon's awesome game on Saturday was something he had been told would never occur.

We all had been told his comeback would amount to nothing, would be a ceremonial Spring Training jog and wave with his number retired by Opening Day.

He had been told by everyone that his rehabbing and training were inspirational, but nobody took it all too seriously. His presence on the team wasn't mentioned in a single pre-season prediction article.

And yet he was integral in Saturday's victory, and that wasn't the first time this season.

The talk of Darin Erstad and his ankle possibly visiting the Disabled List, coupled with Garret Anderson's plantarred-and-feathered foot is news that is easier on the team because one man cared enough to spend a YEAR working out, rebuilding strength, getting into condition - ALL on behalf of the team. And now we need him and he is actually HERE for us, in shape, sharp at the plate, contributing, Already Gone? Not hardly.

Every Angel fan should thank Tim's wife, Marci, for her blessing on his taking this Road Less Traveled. Thanks Marci.

And of course, once again, after a decade and a half of gratitude, thanks again, Tim.