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Just a sliver of perspective masquerading as good news

Since they are both on my fantasy team I was comparing Paul Konerko's #s to those of Kendry Morales.

This week:
MORALES: 7/25, 4 R, 1 HR, 5 RBI, .837 OPS - 3 Strikeouts
KONERKO: 7/22, 2R, 1HR, 3 RBI, .875 OPS - 3 Strikeouts

Over the last month, Konerko has 33 more ABs (102 vs. 69), but his batting average of .265 is barely above Kendry's .261...

Basically, we are getting similar production from our in-house 1B than from the Free Agent who turned us down, thus negating some critiques of Stoneman's fruitless offseason (but not critiques of Stoneman himself, who relentlessly pursued Konerko).

Oh and this is all at a savings of over $44 million.

P.S. ... Kendry's also not turning 30 (something P.K. just did) until June of 2013...