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The season is now forty percent finished. It is no longer early. We are not out of it. But it doesn't look great. Texas is stronger than in recent early-fluke seasons. Oakland is warming up despite injuries. I don't know if we have time to give Bartolo Colon the two starts he would need to show us whether he is himself. There are numerous options available to Bill Stoneman, but standing pat is looking grim.

What we have learned over the first 40%:

Erstad is done.

Kennedy is an above average glove and a .270 singles hitter and nothing more, no magic, no clutch, no mystique, no aura save for the occasional five o'clock shadow...

Anderson can hit a fastball, but will swing at anything.

Mathis would be a better backup than Molina.

Escobar has some bad karma the way the errors bite him in the ass.

Figgins is a versatile below average glove and might make a great #9 hitter.

Orlando Cabrera is earning his paycheck.

Tim Salmon might not make it to 300 homeruns, even given until the end of the season.

Robb Quinlan came through for us exactly once this season, and it was against Kansas City.

When Kendry Morales adjusts, we have a keeper - but all good news around here is also bad ... what does this mean for Kotchman?

If I made the list of Top 100 Angels of all time right now, Ervin Santana would be on it if only for saving the '05 ALDS. coulda-shoulda-woulda...

Carrasco is better than Donnelly.

Bulger is better than Romero

Gregg is better than Bootcheck

Curtis Pride is better than Juan Rivera

Vlad is Vlad

Dallas McPherson would have made that play Figgy ruined tonight.

Izturis will be backing up Howie Kendrick soon, I hope

Mike Napoli will be catching here a long, long time.

I like one of the Weavers

Scot Shields is still cool.

Frankie too.

Lackey three, minus one inning per start.