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Trade Winds Getting Breezy in Anaheim

Before he bites the bullet on a trade, Bill Stoneman has two pitchers to watch: Bartolo Colon and Joe Saunders. With Jeff Weaver a white elephant, the likelihood of an Ervin Santana trade draws near. If Colon is dominant, The Stone Man's** trigger finger will be close to squeezing, and the only thing that may stop it from moving Black Magic for a big bat will be the quality of the insurance policy of Lefty Saunders in AAA.

Adenhardt and Arredondo are 2008 at the earliest, barring a massive rebuild. Moseley and Shell would need stud results from here on out and an amazing '07 Spring for a rotation spot. But Saunders would be at least the #4 starter on 15 American League teams right now and could be the #5 man in Anaheim before season's end.

And every GM knows what is going on, knows how Stoneman is mentally organizing the deck chairs on this ship - so don't be surprised to see a bidding war break out for Ervin early next week. Carl Crawford is not the ceiling of what the Stone Man will be offered once Bill is secure in a Cy Youngish return of Colon.

Add Adam Kennedy and Black Magic gets us Vernon Wells. Add a prospect and Kevin Gregg type and Ervin nets us Torii Hunter (assuming Erstad has limped off into the sunset). Will Bill do the Voo Doo that he so rarely do? Stay tuned...

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** "The Stone Man" props to NTR Daryl Sconiers for the perfect nickname.