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Silver Friggin' Platter

Blame of the Game:
Juan Rivera Mike Napoli

(I gave it to Jose a few days ago for his late inning gank, so no reason to withhold it from Naps, poor throw on his knees, first pitch popup and all)

Losing the ball in the gloaming dusk is unforgivable, Juan. Perhaps the musical chairs lineups of Mike Scioscia absorb a bit of the blame.

Garret went 2 for 4 with a solo HR and single to drive in a run. He did it as a DH on the one fucking night when we need our Left Fielder to catch a lazy flyball, the only thing he is good at in the field anymore.

This loss was so pathetic it is almost funny.

Carl Crawford can't help this team unless he is a Brooks Robinson octopus.

We're 6 games out of first with 95 to play.