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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 68/162

GAME THREAD - Padres @ Angels - Jake Peavy vs. Ervin Santana - 1:10 pm on Fox National

I'm going to an afternoon funeral today and will be missing the game. A friend of mine, Steve Schauer, passed away last week. Puts all those bad throws and glovings in perspective.

Intentionally Altered Movie Lyrics:
Miss Gulch: Mr. Gale?
Uncle Henry Gale: Well, howdy, Miss Gulch.
Miss Gulch: I want to see you and your wife right away about Napoli.
Uncle Henry Gale: Napoli? Well, what has Napoli done?
Miss Gulch: I'm all but lame from the bite on my leg!

I doubt this is Santana's last start as an Angel, but it may be safe to say it is Peavy's only start against them.

Beat My Runs and Hits Picks: LAA: 7, 12 ... SDP: 6, 12