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10 Game Homestand

We just went 4-6 to Seattle, Kansas City and San Diego on our ten game homestand.

Carl Crawford ain't gonna turn this team around.

I don't see Soneman as making the radical series of trades necessary to upgrade this current group into championship caliber.

I could see him ditching one pitcher for a stud hitter, maybe even throw in a prospect. But not for a difference-maker (i.e., Miguel Cabrera).

To compete for the 2006 Division Title, we need to acquire the following this week:
1. Replacements for Donnelly and Romero
2. A healthy .280, 35 hr hitter(any position, save RF)
3. Bigger gloves

At season's onset, I thought Kotchman would be that hitter and that Brendan and J.C. would adequately perform their jobs.

A hundred threads about whether Morales or McPherson will become this hitter are moot in the face of them not being that player right now, this week, when we need to at least stay close.

They have not. Meanwhile, the mirage of a weak AL West is evaporating.

For the absurd, maddening and terrfyingly costly defense, I have no explanation other than picking from one of two choices: we suck or bad luck.

Update: One hopeful sign is that Jeff Weaver's spot in the rotation (Wednesday's day game in SF), is marked "To Be Determined" on the LAA official site's "Pitching Probables" page... mebbe the Stone Man is growing some Stones!