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Howie Kendrick May Be Back Soon

The L.A.Times intimates that instead of pushing the trade button, the Angels are going for fix from within later this week:

Scenario 1:
Howie Kendrick will play 3B, Dallas McPherson will play 1B and Kendry Morales will go back to AAA.

Scenario 2:
Darin Erstad to the DL, Tommy Murphy recalled. Apparently, Nick Gorneault just bruised his knee at the worst possible moment.

I think what is driving these machinations is Bill Stoneman's poker-faced attempt to get maximum value for Adam Kenendy. In trade talks, he must be seen as not necessarily wanting to trade A.K., in order to maximize what is offered in return. If other GMs sense the Angels' desire to trade Kennedy, they then demand a prospect along with A.K. in exchange for a bat.

Of course, this poker game is costing us wins by keeping a slumping Adam in the lineup while Howie hits .400 in AAA...