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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 74/162

GAME THREAD - Angels at Diamondbacks - Colon vs. Vargas - 6:40 p.m.

That sound more like a big boxing match: Colon versus Vargas live from Caesars Palace on pay-per-view.
Of course, Angels versus Snakes is straight out of the book of Genesis, right?

Intentionally Altered Movie Lines:
Cabrera: Napoli's got a Hanzo sword?
Vlad: He made one for him.
Cabrera: Didn't he swear a blood oath to never make another sword?
Vlad: It would appear he has broken it.

If Bart gives up no homers here he is on his way to 11 wins sez I.

Beat My Runs and Hits Picks: LAA: 6, 11 ... AZD: 2, 10