Figgins Trade Winds Blowing

With Erstad hurt, Kennedy has stepped up as the clubhouse cop - dude's morphed into Redass central. You know how Milky Chocha values that stuff, so Kendrick appears blocked.

Rumor has it Kenny Williams is calling about Figgins

He apparently heard that Stoneman had shopped Chone to two other teams - the Blue Jays wanted the Angels to play Figgy for a week at 2B and if he was alright, Hillebrand would be here now with Toronto footing the bill. But Stoneman does not take lineup requests (you'd be surprised how many GMs do, though).

But the Angels reprtedly have the No White Sox sign out after Ozzie Guillen's tirades about Chochca and Kelvim Myspacecobar and won't even call KW back. So now Williams is pressuring Guillen to name Orlando Cabrera to the All Star game as a way to smooth things over ... so if you see Cabby in Pittsburgh, you may see Figgy in Chi-Town before too long.

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