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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 56/162

Game thread - Angels at Indians - Lackey v. Sabathia - 5:05 pm in the late afternoon Pacific Time on ESPN SUNDAY NIGHT (at least we are not Fox) BEISBOL with the simpleminded peabrain Hall of Famer Joe "Foot in Mouth" Morgan.

Watch as Joe strokes whoever is in the lead, forgetting to talk about the other team at all. John Miller doesn't even try to restrain the infantile yodellings of know-it-all Jojo. John just calls a good game. I am sure he will have nice insight about John Lackey, who in case you didn't know, was the first rookie in over 90 years to win Game 7 of the World Series.

Intentionally Altered Movie Lyrics:
Vladimir [voiceover]: Cleveland... shit; I'm still only in Cleveland... Every time I think I'm gonna wake up back in the jungle. When I was home after my first tour, it was worse. I'd wake up and there'd be nothing. I hardly said a word to my wife, until I said "yes" to a divorce. When I was here, I wanted to be there; when I was there, all I could think of was getting back into the jungle. I'm here a week now... waiting for a mission... getting softer; every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute Zito squats in the bush, he gets stronger. Each time I looked around, the walls moved in a little tighter.

If they are not going to start D-Mac against the lefty who will likely kill us, why not start Aybar instead of Robb "Done" Quinlan?

Beat My Runs and Hits Picks: LAA: 2, 7 ... CLE 1, 10