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Angels 2006 Draft Analysis - Day 1

1st round, 25th overall: Hank Conger, C
Any relation to Darva Conger - from that Who Will Marry The Millionaire Contest?

3rd round, 102nd overall: Russell Moldenhauer, OF
A Texan committed to being a Longhorn. Get Lackey on the phone.

4th round, 132nd overall: Clayton Fuller, OF
A Texan with a commitment to Baylor

5th round, 162nd overall: Kenneth Herndon, RHP
In a Community College he was 10-0 with a 2.15 ERA, 59 strikeouts and four complete games. Dotted Frickin Line is a must for this guy, folks.

6th round, 192nd overall: Robert Fish, LHP
High-schooler with 102 Ks over 28 BB in 69+ innings.

7th round, 222nd overall: Jarrad Page, OF
The UCLA Bruins starting strong safety was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in April. Did Al Davis put Arte up to this?

8th round 252nd overall: Matthew Sweeney, 1B
A highschooler who hit .600 as a senior after hitting .463 as a junior. I got an A- in English as a junior...

9th round, 282nd overall: Nathan Boman, LHP
The Angels drafted Boman with their 39th pick in 2003. He is low because of a shoulder injury. HE went to UCSD, so he can keep up with the Bud-Lite Brigade in the Angels clubhouse.

10th round, 312nd overall: Leonardo Calderon, LHP
A starter and a relievr, Comunity College batters hit .201 off him.

11th round 342nd overall: David Pellegrine, RHP
One of our posters here saw him pitch and says he rocks, so we'll ignore that pesky 4.26 collegiate ERA.

12th round, 372nd overall: Jordan Walden, RHP
A Texas highschooler with a 97 mph fastball - the only thing that would make him sound any better was if we had traded Jim Fregosi for him!

13th round, 402nd overall: Blake Holler, LHP
A lefty reliever no worse than JC Romero, he is a Stanford graduate, so maybe he knows where the nude photos of Condoleeza Rice are stashed.

14th round, 432nd overall: Chris Armstrong, LHP
He struck out 503 batters in 303+ high school innings. Think there is a trophy or ten in the case back in Oklahoma because of this kid?

15th round 462nd, overall: Scott Knazek, C
He threw out 21 of 39 baserunners in 2006. At least get him in to coach Napoli...

16th round, 492nd overall: Scott Carroll, RHP
A mid-90s fastball, a splitter and a curveball. They teach all that now in college.

17th round, 522nd overall: Tadd Brewer, 2B
I'm thinking sign this dude and trade him to Milwaukee...

18th round, 552nd overall: Charles Brewer, RHP
But not this stud high school hurler, who is no relation to Tadd.