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The Erstad Issue

Darin Erstad went 1-for-14 during his rehab, and then he actually took himself out of a game. As Scioscia put it, "For Erstad to take himself out of a game, it's significant." He is hurt, and we may not see him for the rest of the season.

Question: Is this the proverbial "blessing in disguise"? Reluctantly, I think so.

We can talk about the Intangibles that Erstad brings: his clubhouse leadership, his work ethic, etc. But given his diminishing contributions on the field, I think it's best to give his job to a Morales or a Kotchman. And that's coming from a big Erstad/Intangibles fan. I mean, shit, Erstad's PHIL rating is through the roof! haha.

The Angels face the potential of Erstad being out the rest of the season, when he will become a FA. What should the Angels do with its longtime clubhouse leader?