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2nd Half Rotation Announced

Who is pitching tonight?

Recite the Order: L , S , C , WE

Lackey, Santana, Colon, Weaver, Escobar.

Coming out of the break, this gives Santana three consecutive evening starts (two on the road) and Ervin gets to skip his Cycle-per-inning nemesis Indians.

Tampa Bay gets to see the front three in Anaheim and, a week later, in their Saint Pete dome.

Lackey skips facing the Royals, while Weaver avoids facing Tampa Bay for the 2nd time this season, but our rookie does face Cleveland again - his first "2nd Look" opponent.

If they do not tinker with this rotation after their July 27th Off-Day, Jered Weaver faces the Red Sox in Fenway Park on the 28th and Lackey pitches there on the 30th - meaning Big John misses the Athletics when they come to our pad for a three game set on July 31st, so the A's can probably stick that thing out there down here.

Tampa twice and KC once should assist Bart's long and winding road back to form - Barring tinkers to this Order, he will face the A's in So. Cal on August 1 - as it is the day after the trade deadline, it will most likely be a Zito-free organization.

Suffice to say, Kelvim Escobar is the best #5 starter in baseball this season.