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So if you are jonesing to add to your RUNS and HITS PICKS Totals (see right sidebar), here is your chance!

This is also an opportunity to post your thoughts and observations during the HR Derby, which is so overly corporate-sponsortized that it is a mockery of everything wonderful and possible in the capitalist system...

PICK 1: Player who will win the derby

PICK 2: TOTAL number of HR the winner (whoever it might be) will hit

PICK 3: Total combined HRs that will be hit by the final two players in the final round

PICK 4: Of the fans assigned to each player will the fan assigned to the eventual winner be a man or a woman?

Beat My Runs and Hits Picks:
David Ortiz

Enjoy the derby, I am going to take Missus Halofan out to dinner with my recent poker winnings...

UPDATE: Ryan Howard hit 23 to take it, 9 were hit in the final round between he and David Wright and the corporate contest winner was a man.
If you had R. Howard, 23, 9 or Man, you get a Runs and Hits Pick - and 9 Posters did, myself included !