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All Star Game Thread

Game Thread - American at National - Rogers v. Penny - 5 p.m.-ish...

Vlad is the starting LEFTfielder for the American League. He is batting 5th.

Topics to keep you amused during the game:

Does Phil Garner look more like a retired cop, a working class barfly or a Reno Nevada casino janitor?

Will Derek Jeter get the loudest booing of the evening?

Will Nomar play Shorstop?

Is Alyssa Milano at the game to watch Brad Penny, and if so, is she seated anywhere near Barry Zito's current girlfriend?

Is Bobby Jenks' mound-sweat best measured in liters or gallons?

Ex-Angels who may get to play:
Troy Glaus (likely pinch hitter)
David Eckstein (probably takes the field in the 7th or later)

Beat my Runs and Hits Picks: AML: 8, 9 ... NTL: 9, 14

Extra add-ons for Runs-and-Hits-Picks Points:
Game MVP:
Winning Pitcher:
Losing Pitcher:
Time of Game:
Yes/No: Does Fox replay Kenny Rogers pushing the cameraman during the game?:
Yes/No: During the Game, does Fox play footage of Dave Parker's Kingdome 1979 All Star Game RF to homeplate Assist?:
Yes/No: During the Game, Bud Selig is interviewed, he mentions steroids and FINALLY ponts out - even subtly - that the other leagues (NBA, NFL) are cocksuckers, cheats and slimey shitstains for letting baseball twist in the wind of federal scrutiny while their fucktard jocks are walking HgH clones?

Beat My Picks:


Someone out there pleasse keep track in case I get up and go check on the real world during the game... Thanks