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Halosphere Thriving

Lots going on with the team on this off-day. While the Angels are at a semi-mandatory team workout today, the Halosphere is busier than a beehive!

There is a quick, detailed update of the Angels' minor legaues by Rob McMillin, analyzing outfielder Warner Madrigal being converted into a pitcher. Hey, it appears to have worked for Jose Arredondo...

A lucid analysis of the Angels' division chances are analyzed by The Chronicler.

In regards to the Angels' chances, Shredder Seitz is excited.

You can read about Jeff Weaver being DFA'd in Chinese if you'd like.

Another midseason analyst, Richard Nickerson, harshes heavily on J.C. Romero at The Halo Herald.

If you want to read about the 6-1 Angel Week that just was, open up The Pearly Gates, which also features weekly in-depth coverage of the Halosphere Fantasy Baseball League.

Scott at Halo Hotline looks ahead with confidence.

An impassioned Angels Blogger NTR Daryl Sconiers claims he is going into retirement. Please don't, dude, you make me appear so sane...

If you are planning to go see the RC Quakes, Keith and Maya went to the Epicenter a week ago, here is a little of what went down. Then this week, they went to the festivities in Pittsburgh! Here is coverage fo the Futures Game. I asume their All-Star Game experience will be detailed soon at their Watching All Angels site.

Enjoy the Halosphere, everyone!