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Making Pitchers out of Molehills

The Angels traded Josh Paul to the Devil Rays in the offseason and The Post-Pope makes his return to Anaheim tonight. What about the player we got in return for JP8?

Turns out the Angels pulled an Arredondo two days in a row and have converted infielder Travis Schlichting into a pitcher. Since we acquired TS from the D-Rays, he just blew chunks in Single A as an infielder and they are going to see if they can convert he and fading outfield prospect Warner Madrigal to the Church of the Live Arm.

So it may be time to practice your Spanish verb tenses:
Yo Arrendondo (I convert to pitcher)
Tu Arredondes (You convert to pitcher)
El o Ella Arredonde
(He -or she- converts to pitching, although the signing of a female minor leaguer would be the big story regardless of positional shift)
Nosotros Arredondamos (We convert to pitcher)
Ustedes Arredondon (They convert to pitcher)

God, I feel like I just did homework. Hey, LADYBUG, did you have Mrs. McCracken for Spanish?