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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 91/162

Game Thread - Devil Rays at Angels - Fossum v. Colon - 12:35 p.m.

And here is the much anticipated photo of Steve Soliz, Maicer Izturis and three suburbanite dads at the Saturday baseball clinic, courtesy of ladybug, who said her son was turned off from baseball by the utterly boring morning out in the sun.

Soliz, Izturis and three dudes.

It'll probably be a hundred degrees on the field today. Hmmm, wonder if G.A. is that committed to playing Left Field...

Intentionally Altered Movie Dialogue:
Bartolo: Did I ever tell ya that this here two-seam fastball represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?
Lula: About fifty thousand times.

If Bart is sharp, the skipping pitching turns thing coming up this week will go by a lot less painfully...

Beat My Runs and hits Picks: LAA: 6, 7 ... TBD: 2, 5