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As The Halo Turns

Following your team is often kinda like following a soap opera. Okay, actually, it is exactly like following a soap opera. If it was like following a novella, there would be more skin and your abuela would be telling you what had happened yesterday. Bottom Line: Baseball is soap operas for guys.

So the whole team was listless but started to put it together, everyone got excited. They had their first sweep of the season in Bigfoot Espresso Country and then took three of four from the Oaky Choaky She-Wolffs up in North Fremont Tarpville Stadium.

So it was good and exciting and then Vlad hits an All Star Homerun and we are pumped, but then comes plot-twist central: Escobar goes on the DL with the same old achey elbow. Jered Weaver (fresh from his sibling rival drama) doesn't go on the DL, but will skip his start. They bring up Kendrick and the whole drama between him and Adam Kennedy heats up - talk about rejecting a longtime lover for a hot young thing - As The World Turns ain't go nothing on this shit.

So Kendrick is hot, Mathis is forgotten due to Napoli (who takes over a spot Jose thought was HIS after big brother Bengie left), Kotchman had a dizzy spell and will be seeing the team doctor, D-Mac has two more weeks in AAA to show his stuff off (although Izzy has his spot held tight - more drama), Erstad is going to New York to see a BALLET orthopedist. From Punter to All-Star to Gold Glover to ballerina. Nureyev has likely had his last at-bat in an Angel uniform - the script is now as unbelievable as some of those ridiculous weekday afternoon melodramas... But we tune in everyday, and talk about it here as if we know these characters and they are real.

As Ersty and Kingfish walk toward the curtain and Garret limps around the stage far from the spotlight, two new characters appear in back to back episodes - Dustin Moseley - who we heard a lot about as he is the guy we got when we traded Ramon Ortiz (funny trivia, Ramon's middle name is Diogenes) in 2004. So a little past/future connection in the present makes the soap opera buzz - if the season comes own to the strength of the long relief and the Carrasco signing is the vine on which the Rally Monkey swings, Stoneman will have all the swagger he needs for a lifetime...

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a walk-on kid from last season takes the spotlight again, no promises, just a peek, but Joe Saunders could be around more than anyone realized...