Angels Vs Cleveland: Or, How I Talked With Bill Stoneman

Tonight, my dad got tickets for him, my brother, and I to an AT&T party before the game. This mean that I got to go on the field, meet and greet Chuck Finley (who was visiting), and eventually, in the press box, have dinner and a Q&A with Bill Stoneman.

It couldn't have been a better evening for everything. The weather was nice as we got to the stadium, and they lead us into the underground offices, and then up onto the field where the team was taking batting practice. After wandering around for a few seconds (Identifying players), an incredibly tall man strikes up a conversation with my dad (an angels fan his entire life), who instantly recognizes Chuck Finley, the only man to strike out four men in an inning multiple times. We get a huge picture with him and are ushered back down off the field.

Next, we get to the press box:

Here, we sit around for a bit and eat, then they introduce us to the President of the Angels, Dennis Kuhl. He talks a bit, and introduces Bill Stoneman, Vice President and General Manager of the Angels:

He was a nice enough guy, and he let us ask any questions we wanted. Most were good questions but he kind of waffled on them. I asked the second to last question about the fact that they have such great young players that they sit in favor of the old fan favorites who might be ailing. He danced around my question. Oh well, I should be happy he took our questions.

After that, I got a better picture with me and my brother and Chuck "I'm a nice guy and I'll sign your hat" Finley:

Christ, he is tall. I also saw the airhead girly strike force as they got into the elevator, but my camera was at my table, so no pics there. The bartender gave me a look when they went by, clearly annoyed by their cheerfulness. They had a raffle for autographed items, and my brother got an autographed Adam Kennedy baseball. I wanted the autographed Figgins bobblehead or the Santana photograph, but no luck.

After that we went to our seats, primo terrace seats right behind the foul pole on the third (edit: woops!) base side:

I liked the seats, they gave me a great position to watch a really exciting game. Moseley pitched well enough against a really good offensive team, good for the fact that this was his first game ever. Those home runs were awesome things, and I got the entire crowd around me to start chanting "We Want Wings" in the 8th. (Seriously, that was me)

All in all a great freaking night. 17 Hits! 10 runs! Two homers! Couldn't have been better.

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