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They Called It The Streak

Blame of the Game:
John Lackey

A patented Lackey-Inning (tm) was all it took to snuff out a few monumental developments. The 8 game winning streak was stopped, Lackey's scoreless inning streak ended at 31 consecutive innings and the homestand had its first blemish as well.

Still, all in all, at the beginning of the month we were 9 games under .500, were 7.5 games behind the She Wolffs and were in last place. We're now in 2nd place, a game and a half back of the Oaky Anemics and 2 games over .500 - Damn good.

The big roadtrip starts tomorrow with 4 in KC, 3 on the Tampa Bay turf followed by a day off and then a weekend in Boston. I got a feeling that Halo won't be dark for long...