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ANGELS First Half Report Card

We are halfway to 162 games. Here is a first half Angels report card:

Offense: C-
We knew it was going to be bad and it has been.

Pitching: B-
Without Jeff Weaver, it would be in the high B+ range.

Defense: F
The only silver lining is that we know the team is not this bad and would hope an Egression to the mean bodes well for less unearned runs in the 2nd half.

Coaching: C-
No great shakes and an awful hitting instructor, but Bud Black still gets props.

Managing: C
Scioscia is solid, although he has been caught with his pants down without steady Joe Maddon there for him.

Ownership: B-
The name-change debacle has blown over and the purse strings are open to win, but the shitty stadium food, the long waits, the boring homogenity of the stadium store and the universally LOATHED television announcers still reek of middle market Uhlichian management strategies.

GM: C-
Up from a D now that we are five games back. Still haunted by the stupid Finley signing and the Jenks/Turnbow ditchings, Stoneman entered a high stakes poker game with the DFA of Jeff Weaver and could raise his grade if the team he assembled competes in the 2nd half.

Angels First Half GPA: 2.0 C-