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The Baltimore front office made the call and has been pestering the Angels: They want us to have Miguel Tejada.

The Orioles have had two scouts attending the past few Nick Adenhardt starts. They want pitching, pitching and more pitching and they are focusing on Nicky Fu-Manchu. Word is they were not interested in any discussions involving Dallas McPherson, Kendry Morales, Adam Kennedy or Jeff Mathis.

The dude feeding me all of this got real cryptic, but he is a reliable source. He said he thought Angels GM Bill Stoneman had the upper hand based on the "No Trade" reputation he has cultivated, but LAA's Latin Quarter in the clubhouse is clamoring for Miggy.

The irony there is that someone else I talked with who is kinda-sorta inner circle on this stuff says that Peter Angelos covets two of these Angelitos, the ones with the initials O.C. and (good news) J.C.