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Say SHEA, A.K. ... Kennedy for Hillenbrand Swap More Likely...

First Base will likely be soon occupied by Shea Hillenbrand. Kendry Morales will get the polite "See You in September" handshake. Since Stoneman was the first one sniffing around Shea's door earlier this season, Toronto GM JP Ricky Ricardo will owe him the final-hour chance to make the sweetest upgrade to whatever other club's offer needs to be topped, and barring any massive development in the next 8 days, Hillenbrand will be handed a Halo.

While investigating the alleged "clubhouse chemistry" issues surrounding Hillenbrand's expulsion from the Toronto 25, the controversy seems to stem from Shea's feelings that his adopting a child was not looked at as a legitimate reason to leave the club. Apparently, detailed paperwork was necessary and the birth mother was early with the baby's delivery.

Turning to an expert on the way men perceive the world, I put this situation forth to Missus Halofan. Her measured response:

"Men are worse than women when it comes to stuff like this, like an adoption instead of having fathered the child, a man immediately thinks `Well if my dick didn't make that, it just isn't important...' " And as always, she has spoken, meaning the issue is settled.

Meanwhile, here is an email I got from a good source with the club:
Rev -- I wouldn't doubt that AK will be gone before the deadline. His dad bought dinner for a bunch of his friends that sit in the family section on Tuesday night, saying he doubted that he would be back at Angels Stadium until AK came back with a new team. Dad didn't say anything about where AK could possibly be headed, though.

My edumacated guesstimation:
Kennedy and Steven Shell will probably head to Toronto for Shea and a Blue Jay Single-A hitting prospect.