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Light Up The Birthday Cake

Panther of the Game:
Scot Shields

Emblazoned with Ben Weber's old # 77 and looking like a bald Disarcina at the plate, Angel Centerfielder Rookie Reggie Willits got the first start, hit, run, ribby and bag of his career. He came through in the clutch with a go-ahead run that was the eventual game winner.

But that performance was outweighed by the two clutch innings of Scot Shields reminding us all of who we need when it is all desperately on the line. Happy 31st Birthday, Scot.

Whatever Bud Black said to Kelvim after the 1st Inning worked - Myspacecobar had been pitching a pathetic batting practice and was lucky to get out of the First having only given up three runs. Even if Frankie had blown it, Elbowbar would still have gotten the blame from me here - but maybe Kelvim Manicure turned a corner. Hey, it was, as they call it, a quality start!