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Perhaps the Angels won't need to trade for a big bat if they just put in the OPTIMUM bat each game.

I present to you the California Platoongels:

v. RHP: Napoli
v. LHP: Napoli
(JoMo in a day game after a night game or if a pitcher needs babying)

v. RHP: Morales
v. LHP: Quinlan

v. RHP: Kennedy
v. LHP: Kendrick
(Scioscia has announced this, and short of benching or trading Kennedy, this is how it is going to be)

Orlando Cabrera is the man.

v. RHP: Dallas McPherson
v. LHP: Izturis
(Assuming Dallas is on his way back up)

Juan Rivera until further notice.

v. RHP: Figgins
v. LHP: Figgins
(nobody to platoon him with, although the rap on Figgy is that he hits worse from the Right side...)

One Word: Vlad

v. RHP: Garret Anderson
v. LHP: Tim Salmon

The problems are:
1. Scioscia believes Garret is useful in the field (HE'S NOT)
2. Figgy's current backup (Wilitts) bats from the left side. No Problem, Reggie's a Switch Hitter...
3. Quinlan got a hit off a righty on Sunday so Mike will likely now engrave him in the lineup until he sinks to batting .050 off them.
4. McPherson is in the manager's doghouse.
5. Not enough Kendrick. Never enough Kendrick...

Barring the arrival of a big bat or the sensible benching of Anderson and Kennedy, these Platoongels could put a decent record together over the next 60+ games.