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You Are The Stone Man

Let's say Bill Stoneman gets ahold of YOU and says he cannot take the pressure and needs to head out to Palm Springs this Sunday and Monday.

You have been given the password to his computer, his cellphone, speed-dialing office phone bank, Ken Forsch's key to the one clean men's room in the Angels offices and a bowl of Aramark chilibeans to tide you over for the big project:

Assuming Arte's checkbook is open, answer these questions:

1. Who is the ONE player you want the Angels to get?

2. Who is the one Angel Major Leaguer you try to pawn off on a team just to get rid of him?

3. Besides Vlad, which Angel player is the untouchable Angel in your book?

4. There is an hour to go before the trade deadline. You are close to trading for a great middle reliever (for some C+ minor league prospects). Suddenly, you hear that Billy Beane has acquired Lastings Milledge for Barry Zito and could be close to landing another big bat. Do you halt the trade talks for mid-relief in order to focus on acquiring better offense?