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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 83/162

Game Thread
Angels at Mariners - Ervin "Black Magic" Santana vs. Gil "Rhymes with Depeche" Meche - 1:05 p.m.

So the afternoon game = no post-game fireworks show for Mariner fans.
I guess they all have a life and somewhere to go to enjoy their holiday.
What a concept - an informed and socialized citizenry!
Makes Anaheim seem like a Nanny State in comparison.

Intentionally Altered Movie Lyrics:
Valerie Solanas: Give me fifteen cents, and I'll give you a dirty word.
Ervin Santana: What's the word?

Ervin on the road in the daylight has been a dirty word more often than not.
Maybe the extreme northern latitude alters this anomaly today.

Bet My Runs and Hits Picks: LAA: 7, 10 ... SEA: 4, 11