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Light Up Roy -- Again

Panther of the Game:
Maicer Izturis

Gotta throw the Roy photo up every time the Halos beat the Yanks -- and maybe it's getting old, since clearly the Angels own the Yanks in NY. For those of you unfamiliar with our friend and ex-neighbor Roy here, he's a lifelong Yankees fan, and he was foolish enough to wager against me that his team would beat the Angels in the 2002 postseason. Well, Roy, you lost then, and you lose now. Take your punishment.

As for the game, "Izzy Stradlin" clearly wasn't intimidated by The House That Cement Shoes Built. A very Panther-like 3-for-5 with an HR and 3 RBI is loud talk from such a fair and unassuming man. He's quietly proving he belongs in the lineup every day. I like it.