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Playoff Ticket Purchase

Just got that season seat holder playoff ticket order form in the mail.
Here is the breakdown:

My $7.50 RFMVP seats are $637 apiece for the playoff package.

Of my 4 seats, I can purchase 1 thru 4 complete playoff packages at that price.

Tibreaker Game is $15
This is the regular season face value price, which is discounted to $7.50 because I bought 4, but price is NOT discounted for postseason.

ALDS: $22 per seat per game, three game max = $66 per seat
Angels in the playoffs would almost certainly not have the home field advantage in this contest.

ALCS: $37 per seat per game, four game max = $148 per seat
Were the Angels to advance this far, they could have the four-game advantage if they face the A.L. Wildcard in the 2nd round, no matter if the WC team has a better regular-season record.

World Series: $90 per seat per game, four game max = $360 per seat
Four games at the Big A possible thanks to Michael Young's 9th inning All Star Game heroics.

There is a $4 per ticket fee, which comes out to $48.
There is a $20 shipping and handling fee for the whole package, which is thus $5 per seat.

Any games not played are credited to the season seatholder's account for the 2007 season.

Anyone interested in gambling $642 on either the 2006 postseason or the 2007 regular season?

They need their money on September 1.