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Plasmascreen Brawl

Early Wednesday evening, I took a break from some marathon poker at the Bellagio to call Missus Halofan back at our room at the Alladin. I had glanced at a screen in the casino earlier on the way back from the men's room and had seen Kevin Gregg pitching. Blanked any thought of winning out of my mind and went back to the trenches. A few hours later I ring her and she is excitedly recounting details of the brawl.

I turn toward the sports book, all the while listening to her blow-by-blow recitations of the events - and it soon appeared on the giant screens there - and it was a thing of beauty, different camera angles catching Kung-Fu Kennedy and Beanball Brendan all in action.

Besides this glorious vision two things about it all were perfect. One was the Missus ecstatically proclaiming, "This is gonna unite them and we're gonna win it all!" ... the second was ... I was wearing my 2003 All-Star Game DONNELLY jersey while the whole affair went down!

In a way, I feel like I checked out for a moment at perhaps the most critical point of the season, and in another way, I feel like I was carrying a marathon torch for this team the whole time and didn't miss a beat.

The cards were kind to me this time around - counting room, food, shopping and gasoline, the whole trip cost about $40. But coming home to an energized team beats any buzz placing 5th in a 58 person poker tournament (which I did Wednesday afternoon at the Orleans) can produce.