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Panther in the Laundry Basket

Panther of the Game:
Francisco Rodriguez

This was the most difficult Panther Award to decide all season - easily the best game I have attended all year - the ebb and flow, the rises to occasion, the inchiest game of inches I've seen in a long time. It was exhilarating to witness firsthand. All drama, every batter - the stadium edgy with a divided partisanship easily whipped into frenzy.

But look at this...

- F. Rodriguez relieved S. Shields, M. Ramirez hit for D. Pedroia

  • M. Ramirez flied out to deep center
  • C. Crisp singled to shortstop
  • C. Crisp stole second
  • M. Loretta grounded out to third
  • D. Ortiz intentionally walked
  • K. Youkilis flied out to deep right
Could you script a more scintillating drama in 24 pitches (14 for strikes, 4 lobbed intentionally)?

Reading the game thread is like seeing a cast of heroes turned to goats who will be inevitably redeemed.

Oh and Kevin Gregg was sitting six seats away from me with a girl and another couple. We're talking the cheap seats here folks. Way to serve your suspension, 3G, with the proletariat.

UPDATE: The FANGRAPHS agrees with me, computing Frankie's contribution to be 17.4%, G.A.'s to be 14.6% and Saunders' 12.1%...