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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Bitches

Last week, I cut Felix Hernandez from my fantasy team.

This is just to point out that when you are reading Halos Heaven, we can and will wear it here - when you read it here, we take repsonsibility for it.

Other blogs might point fingers and when owning up to what they published is proffered they will instead shift into the act of parsnipping rationalizations into atomic sub-particles to avoid the simplest admission of mild inaccuracy.

I cannot speak for those less than forthright blogs that value fooling their readership with the appearance of analytical superiority at the expense of loyalty toward, and honest supporting of, the Angels

Our guarantee at Halos Heaven: We Wear It - If You Don't Read It Here, Your Blogger Might Be Naked.

By and large, the Halosphere meets this quality standard. Many Angel bloggers have fantasy teams in the Halosphere League and will benefit tonight from the absence of Her Majesty Queen Felix from my roster. It is simply the good karma they have all accrued from WEARING IT.