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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 133/162

GAME THREAD - Angels @ Mariners - Jered @ Jarrod

The Mariners have three more years of their Jarrod. The Angels have three more years of theirs too. Seattle's costs an average of $9 million a year, while ours costs and average of less than a million a year. Scott Boras gets paid in both instances.

Intentionally Altered Movie Line:
Kelvim: You know what the Queen said? If I had balls, I'd be King.

Seattle's Safeco Field is a great place to see a game and has better food than Angel Stadium. The fans are equally uninformed/distracted about true baseball. Other than Red and Blue the only distinct difference is 7 flags flying in the Anaheim outfield (five division titles, 1 A.L. pennant, 1 World Championship flag).

Chone - CF
Maicer - 3B
Orlando - SS
Vladimir - RF
Juan - LF
Garret - DH
Robb - 1B
Howie - 2B
Mike - C

For Team Frapuccino:
Suzuki - CF
Chris - RF
Adrian - 3B
Raul - LF
Richie - 1B
Ben - DH
Kenji - C
Jose - 2B
Yuniesky - SS

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