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Halosphere In Action

Let's tiptoe through the Halosphere today, shall we?

Shredder at the L.A. Seitz Blog shows he can take what he dishes out and entertainingly dishes out more on what he considers to be the waning month of a lost season. What a class act.

Chronicles of the Lads has a detailed Joe Saunders analysis, which underscores what Joe has been telling Bud Black, to wit, he is tired.

Rich Lederer caught quite a bit of Angels baseball live recently and wrote it up in a scintillating slice of prose at his Baseball Analysts site.

A nice summary of our taking the Yankees series is up at The Angelblog.

Wondering how the team would be if we had traded for Manny Ramirez? Chone Smith at the All The Way Blog has some answers.

The Halosphere's lone Bavarian Blogger, Bjoern from Bonn has an analysis of Scot Shields' subtle decline in reliability at Angels Dust.

If you are still upset about Queen Felix slaying the Angels last night, The Halo Hotline has a recap of us sweeping them last week.

I'd recommend an immediate read of the Pearly Gates blog's Week IN Review while it is still a happy memory.

The now-risen from the dead Future Angels blog has a link to a new Triple A blog about the Salt Lake Bees, BLOG OF BEES. No word yet if there will be in depth analysis of the team's überhawt cheerleading squad, THE HONEYBEES.

Meanwhile, our Double A blog, Travelerocity has a goodbye tribute to Ray Winder Field and a complete dressing down of the Angels brass for not giving a shit about fans of the Arkansas Travellers.

Over at Watching All Angels, there is a cool pic of Orlando Cabrera predicting how many hits he will get in September.

The Halosphere's most articulate voice from the left has an impassioned review of World Trade Center. I haven't even seen the new Pirates movie, so this is just going to have to wait on the Netflix list.

Meanwhile, Rob McMillin at 6-4-2 has renounced statistical analysis and posted that he believes that what Matt Welch and I write has a reverse cause and effect on how the Angels do. (Speechless...)

A few Halosphere blogs have not updated since:
Jeff Weaver got DFAd (The Walaykao Blog and NTR Daryl Sconiers)
The Trade Deadline (League of Angels)
The mid-August Dodger/Angel Rivalry SI article (The Halo Herald).

If I skipped your Angels blog, please let me know about it.