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Flyballs as a % of a Pitcher's Outs

Blame of the Game:
Jered Weaver

NOTE: The prognosis on Rafael Soriano is that he will be fine.

In light of the tragic line-drive beaning of Seattle reliever Rafael Soriano, I delayed posting the Blame Thread.

Jered Weaver gets a high percentage of his outs from flyballs. Stat-guru theory says that the likelihood of these types of pitchers being good is lessened by the fact that they are prone to giving up the longball. And yet... these analysts never predict which game that will occur - when will all the homers rain down, when will the power strikeouts happen? They talk a lot about the coming regression to the mean, but cannot deliver the time and date of their own prophecies.

The smug stat gurus and their vague pronouncements are like astrologers who will give you broad generalizations of a personality type that kinda-sorta ring true, but turn to your daily horoscope and is it predicting that those personality traits are going to lead to anything specific on this exact date, for sure? Nope, never. Just another vague forecast.

You can hide behind Uranus as easy as you can hide behind a spreadsheet. Jered Weaver's 30.4% Ground Ball outs don't mean anything to me until the Stat-Guru who fixates on that number is seen putting the rent down at Harrah's five minutes before game-time. Until then, have fun with your Baseball version of Sudoku, Stat-boy.