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Our Magic #: 38

On June 30, the Angels were 7 games behind Oakland, having lost 3 in a row. On July 28, the Angels were in sole possession of first place.

The Angels and Athletics have more games to play between now and October 21 than we did between June 30 and July 28 (remember, there was the four-game All Star break). Both teams have run hot/cold streaky this entire season.

Under Mike Scioscia, the Angels have generally been a great September team.

Over the past two Septembers, the A's sure as fuck were not.

It is August 30 and the Angels are 7 and a half back of the A's, having just lost three in a row.

While they pop the Labor Day pennant champagne early in North Fremont, here in L.A. of A, we know to just fasten our seatbelts and prepare to sneer as we inevitably meet up with that green jalopy we are destined to surpass on the Division Highway.