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No Excuses Available for Season Ending Injury

If you think Bartolo Colon is a fat freak, look at this snapshot of Ranger cookie-eater Gerald Laird on the jumbotron.

The news is sad for fans of Bartolo Colon, as a tear in his rotator cuff was revealed this morning. He may need surgery but will probably opt for an aggressive rehabbing program.

Bart is out for the season...

Must suck to be the Mariners, the only team Bartolo beat this season.

Still pissed at Bill Stoneman for not trading Ervin Santana or Joe Saunders for a big bat?

The news is neither welcome, nor particularly shocking. It is so sad to root for a team that competes against the Oakland Athletics, the only team ever adversely affected by injuries, the perfect, superior baseball team that, were it not for the misfortune of injuries would win 162 games every season.

Too bad we, as Angel fans, cannot ever use injuries as an excuse for losing on occasion, as all of those ache-and-pain excuses are perpetually hoarded by fans of one team desperate to keep the illusion that there is a genius at their helm. Hey, wasn't Oz a green and gold city?

Those poor foolish fans of the crystal ball method are, as of this writing, dismissing the importance of a Healthy Bartolo to our rotation. Don't let it bother you, the only thing more pathetic than the hopelessly unenlightened is the hopelessly unenlightened lobbying for their cheapskate multi-millionaire owner to tarp over 20,000 seats in order to herd the fools into one crowded camp of shouting "Poor Injured Us" in unison...