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R.I.P. Arthur Lee

I just read on Matt Welch's blog about the passing (last week at age 61 from leukemia) of musical genius Arthur Lee, front-man of the seminal psychedelic band LOVE, a Sunset Strip-based sixties Los Angeles band whose fame was what the Doors all agreed they would shoot for with their band (Welch links to a Densmore-penned memoriam, in fact).

Linked below is a Youtube link of a trippy-as-pre-specal-effects-8mm-can-be-film from 1967... the final minute and a half guitar solo is still one of the great shreds on a fretboard of all time for my money... So while the Angels were hosting the All-Star Game in Anaheim that season, Arthur and his bandmates were stoned outta their gourds looking down Benedict Canyon...