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9/11 Stadium Ceremony

The 5th anniversary of September 11th was memorialized at Angel Stadium in a tasteful, apolitical pre-game ceremony. A large flag carried by law enforcement officers was unrolled just beyond the pitcher's mound. That National Anthem was performed by a police bugle quartet and was as stirring a renditiion as I have ever heard performed live.

However, some marketing genius decided that it should be handheld noisemaker night, so what was supposed to be a poignant minute of silence to honor those who died in the tragedy became just another reminder that in the stadium's push for a family-friendly atmosphere, we are all expected to be babysitters of ill-mannered hyperactive children as we tolerate Orange County's overtly bad parenting.

Funny how the stadium can produce a solemn, moving ceremony for one game, while you can bet your last dollar that Tuesday's game will revert to featuring a tight-teeshirted teen babe (especially if you like a Size 6 with mild acne and too much makeup) who will honor Whitney Houston karaoke-style by screeching her way through an off-key butchering of the Star Spangled Banner.

No matter how hoochie she looks, poorly she sings or dis-honorable to America the production becomes, we will be expected to carry the same amount of reverence because our flag was still there, despite a capable production crew obviously playing favorites with Newport Beach's semi-finest on our national dime.